Repeatable. Scalable. Badassable.

Your growth goals need a clear roadmap to get there. Spend a day surrounding yourself with a unique and committed community of business leaders and domain experts as they share stories and ideas that can have an immediate impact on how your business attracts customers.

Make January 27, 2022 a red-letter day
in the history of your company.

  • Innovative solutions from industry experts
  • Insights and time-tested tips and tricks
  • A playbook of resources with actionable ideas from each session
  • Collaborative and interactive sessions​ ​
  • Meaningful connections with people holding similar values
  • Post-conference insights ​

See What The #PeoplePlusPeople
Community Has to Say:

The day after the day

We’ve gathered a diverse group of good-hearted, culture-based speakers and panelists committed to making organizations great places to work with and for! In fact, the first day back from the conference, you can implement meaningful best practices that will set you and your team up for long-term success.